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Tannoy 611 Speakers
8" Dual Concentric drive unit in a closed box system.

Krell Set
Krell KAV-300CD Cd Player
Krell KAV-250P Preamplifier
Krell KAV-250A Power Amplifier

Proac Response 3 - (SOLD)
Yew Wood Finish

Proac Response 3.8
Black Ash Finish

Mission 753 Freedom Speakers
Top model of Mission
Beautiful Oak Wood
Solid and heavy speakers with multiple bass woofers

Mission M70AS

Energy Connoisseur C-5
Flexible for vocals, jazz and even orchestral and rock music
Sold by Seng Heng in Adelphi at $1799 new

5 Tier Hifi Rack - $250

Cary CAD-955 Tube Cd player - No remote - $850
Cary AE One P Tube preamplifier - $1300

Jadis JA-30 monoblock power amplifiers - (SOLD)
Few years usage. Good condition. Gold faceplates not tarnished.
Original boxes can be provided if needed.

Spendor S3/5R2 Speakers - $1000 (SOLD)
Like New Condition

Heco Victa 301 Speakers (SOLD)

Threshold T-200 - (SOLD)
200w/c Class A
New retail price was $8000

Rockeeat Speaker Stands - $200
Adjustable height
Top wooden plate is added on. Can be removed if needed.
Chario Hiper 1000 Speakers - $500
Italian speakers

Yokai Hifi Rack - (SOLD)

Celestion Ditton 66 Speakers (SOLD)
Was the flagship model until the Ditton 88 was introduced
High quality sound. No speaker covers.

Mark Levinson 38 Preamplifier (SOLD)

Mark Levinson 332 Power Amplifier - 200w/c Class A. Weighs more than 50kg

Usher BE-718 Speakers
Beautiful Gloss Black version
Be-718 uses Usher's best 7-inch woofer driver called the 8948A.
And the famous Beryllium tweeter used that is used in the well known Yamaha NS-1000, JMLab top of the range Utopia series
With Original Box

Sonex Classic Acoustic Foam. - (SOLD)
Professional acoustic Foam from USA
Charcoal color. In good condition.
Size - 93cm x 67cm.

Jadis Orchestra SE
In good condition
With Original Box

Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 Speakers - (SOLD)
with matching speaker stands - AVAILABLE
Top plate 26cm x 30cm. Height of stands 49cm/19.5inch
With orignal packing box. Harbeth speakers condition like new.

Bow Technologies Warlock Preamplifier - With Original Packing box and Manual
Beautiful design and finishing from Denmark

Audio Note M1 RIAA MM Phonostage - Mint Condition 10/10. With original packing box, manual, powercord.
Bought from Audio Note in Adelphi at $2650. With Receipt of Purchase on 20th May. (SOLD)

Proac Studio 125 Speakers (SOLD)

Thiel CS1.6 Speakers (SOLD)

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